About Us

We combine blue-sky creativity and on-the-ground hustle to create inspired work that moves our clients to their goals.

Women-owned & operated


Lis MartinPrincipal, Content Director

Lis is passionate about finding creative solutions that help clients make their impact on the world. She leads all content initiatives at Statement, overseeing the agency’s creative team to ensure every project aligns with client goals. Before forming Statement, Lis spent a decade honing her expertise in the creative world as a content strategist and writer. With a focus on the technology, healthcare, financial services and nonprofit sectors, Lis is known for transforming complex concepts into messaging that works for clients. 

Jen DepakakiboPrincipal, Design Director

For almost two decades, Jen has developed strategic design solutions for global brands to multi-faceted organizations and everyone in between. She is an expert in brand development, using design to solve complex business challenges. Ambitious and passionate about everything creative, she takes a firm stance that good design is good business. Jen heads up the design team at Statement, where she pushes the boundaries of creative thinking, rallies the troops, and ensures that clients always receive smart, compelling solutions.

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