Giving Tree Associates

Who They Are

Giving Tree has worked with more than 200 nonprofit institutions to drive thoughtful, sustainable growth. Their women-owned and operated team of professionals leverages decades of experience in both consulting and in-house nonprofit roles to offer valuable strategic and tactical support.

What We Did

Giving Tree Associates turned to us to help refresh their online presence with a website that would best reflect who they are and what they do. We developed clear and dynamic messaging and paired it with a modern, high impact design layout to produce a pleasing user experience across all devices.

Giving Tree Associates

“Thanks a million for fulfilling our vision – and within our desired timeframe!  Jamie and I have been laughing that we can’t stop looking at it…  We truly appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you really listened to what we wanted and made it happen.  Very exciting!”


Co-Founder and Principal, Giving Tree Associates

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